Whistleblowing Channel – Form

Through the Whistleblowing Channel, you can report any act or practice that does not comply with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. You can also send suggestions to improve the Code of Ethics and Conduct.
It is worth noting that the whistleblower is responsible for the authenticity of the information provided and that this information will be verified by the Ethics Committee, which will take the appropriate measures.
To proceed with your report, please follow the instructions below:

    In this space, you describe the situation you want to report.
    Remember to provide as much detail as possible, so that the analysis and treatment of the case occurs quickly. Whenever possible, attach data and facts that prove the content of the report.

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    If you want to attach proofs of your Report, use the "Attach File" field.

    To attach multiple files, click on "Attach files" and select multiple files by holding down your keyboard ctrl. The files must all be in the same folder.