Products and Services

Products and Services

IT Optimization (Corporate IT):

IT and business solutions and services, structured to optimize operational processes of Managed Services, including Service Desk with automated omnichannel self-service platforms (Portal, Chatbot, Whatsapp, Urabot, and email), expert professionals, Field Services, Datacenter/Cloud Management, and monitoring of critical environments 24×7 NOC (Network Operations Center) and Customer Experience Center.

DIG (Digital):

The Digital unit provides specialized services and technological platforms for co-creating innovative solutions, digital acceleration, digital factory, integration, application support, and e-commerce. We build and innovate our clients’ businesses by implementing Omnichannel solutions, Digital Platforms, Mobile Applications, Microservices/Service Bus, and Identity Management. Agile software engineering consultancy specialized in Commerce.


Integrated Data Analytics, globally recognized leader by Gartner and Forrester, applied in risk management, fraud prevention, continuous monitoring and auditing, compliance, and data analysis.

Proprietary Platforms:

Digital financial platforms for contract registration between regulatory bodies and financial institutions. Its goal is to streamline and enhance security in validating information, such as property financing contracts, for real estate registration.


Hyperautomation and RPA driven by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, among others, that automate business and IT processes.