Whistleblowing Channel

Quality’s Management understands that the Company must conduct its business based on ethical values, as it creates a healthy, honest and transparent environment with long-lasting relations and easy access for our employees, suppliers, shareholders and stakeholders. In this sense, we aim to make our employees and stakeholders proud to be part of a Group that preserves the respect, diversity and integrity of its actions. To improve this process, we created the Whistleblowing Channel.

You can make a report directly to the Grupo Quality’s Ethics Committee in situations that may cause embarrassment if they are dealt with your line manager or the Human Resources Department.

The Ethics Committee is primarily responsible for analyzing suggestions, criticisms and reports related to the principles and rules of the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and for recommending the respective corrective measures.

We ensure the anonymity of anyone who reports a violation or an indication of a violation, thus maintaining the confidentiality and impartiality of the received information.

You can also send suggestions to improve the Code of Ethics and Conduct through this channel.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct must be followed especially by our employees in order to confirm our integrity.

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